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Streamline Fly Wires

flying wires illustration

Streamline wires are used as flying wires and landing wires in biplanes, and most modern aircraft use streamline wires as tail brace wires for decreased air resistance. Many WW1 aircraft used streamline wires as fuselage bracing (Sopwith Snipe) as the two flat sides could be placed together. Some modern day utility aircraft (BearHawk) employ streamline tail brace wires on the upper surface for decreased air resistance, while employing round tie rods on the bottom for protection from rough terrain. As can be expected, one thread is left hand, the opposite end is right handed.

Watch on YouTube: »Testing on the Old School Aero channel.

American streamline wires are available in sizes from 3/16” (AN673) up to 3/8” (AN676) and can be produced from Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel. All threads are rolled for the optimum reliability, toughness and strength. For maximum toughness the thread area is swaged down to the diameter needed for rolling, and then the thread is rolled back up to the specified diameter.

British streamline wires are also available in sizes from 4BA to 3/8 BSF. Metric wires also available in 4mm, 5mm, 6mm 7mm and 9mm thread sizes.

Clevis fittings are also available. These AN665 fittings are manufactured from Stainless Steel and then heat treated and tempered. These fittings are available in -21, -34, -46, -61 and -80A sizes and both left hand and right hand thread sizes.

Vintage Aero also has a NOS (New, Old Stock) supply of AN665 fitting which have been refurbished and nickel plated. Please email for prices.